About Me

Hi, I Am Chivas Miller

Do you need help figuring out what is next for you?
Have you ever experienced moments in which everything was not working out according to plan?  Like most, I have experienced that first hand.  While I planned for my future, one by one my strategies were not working out as planned.  Eventually, I arrived to the place in which I was unsure of what I wanted to pursue next.  
Not only am I a big brother, son, mentor and encouraging, I am the author of the recently published book S.A.C.K.E.D and am also a motivational speaker and life coach.   

I currently carry four certifications; International sports science academy (ISSA) Personal Training, Exercise Therapy, Certified Nutritionist, &Certified Sports Nutritionist.  I have been an active member of Toastmasters since 2016.  

My perseverance through childhood and adolescent bouts of asthma and seizures has provided me the courage to never give up and is also what motivates me to help encourage others to do the same. 

My approach is presented in an individual and practical way in which anyone can relate.  Drawing from my personal experiences affords me creative opportunities to enrich the lives of others.  My approach is to attack the mind and allow the body to follow.  Majority of people’s hung up is not physical but instead mental.  I live by the phrase “Strong Mind, Strong Body”.  

Facts about Me:

  • Favorite quote: “Obstacles will happen in life but perspective will allow you to overcome every obstacle.”
  • I have one sister that is my best friend and I love being around my family.
  • I was all conference second team and all academic first team in college.
  • I love constantly trying new things
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